The Roozée Family
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Roozée Family Crest
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Welcome to the dedicated space exploring the Roozée Surname - its History, Ancestry, and Heritage.

This site is continually evolving, curated and managed by Jason T. Roozée. It traces its roots to my father, Ronald R. Roozee, born to James (Dorothy) Burton Roozée. The inception of this website was made possible through materials provided by my uncle, James Burton Roozée (Jr).

A fun fact I often share: Roozée is pronounced just like the wine, “Rosé”. The French accent aigu (é) imparts an 'ay' sound. Interestingly, there is a historical connection between the Rosé wine and the Roozée surname.

If you belong to the Roozée lineage or possess any information that could enrich this site, I invite you to reach out to me at [email protected]. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

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